Visit to Tiuna el Fuerte Art and Media Space

The delegation went to Tiuna el Fuerte, an endogenous cultural zone, that teaches kids from the barrio basic BBoy, video, and art skills. Their project is made from reclaimed materials repurposed to suit their needs.

Occupation: From the workplace to the home

Today, the delegation visited two different sites in Venezuela. The first was a worker-fun Coca Cola factory. The second was an occupied apartment building. The boom and bust cycle of the 1980’s left many of Caracas’s downtown apartments abandoned.  People without homes took them over, and run a cooperative housing association in the unfinished highrises.

Venezuelan “Peace Bases” to Counter U.S. Military Buildup in Colombia

Mérida, August 28th 2009 ( — In a movement to counter the expansion of the United States military presence on Colombian bases, Colombian and Venezuelan civil society organizations and government officials are collaborating to organize spaces of binational reconciliation called “peace bases.” Local, state, and national elected officials, consuls, immigrant organizations, community councils, and everyday citizens have participated in the founding of Venezuela’s first peace bases this month. The bases turn public spaces into forums where Colombians and Venezuelans discuss peaceful solutions to the armed conflict in Colombia, which has raged for four decades and continues to affect neighboring Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, the rest of Latin America, and the United States.